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Upgrade from Lite to PRO for only $5.00!

You can now upgrade from Mark IT Now Lite version to PROFESSIONAL for only $5.00!
For more information about buying this product please go HERE.

What features do you gain with the PRO version?

  • Fully customizable rotation angle (instead of 7 predefined angles)
  • Horizontal and vertical tiling
  • Text effets such as shadows and text border
  • Use exif information (photo creation date) as text watermark
  • Display fullscreen images
  • Preserve exif information
  • Support for TIFF files
  • Use text antialiasing
  • Resize output images
  • Generate thumbnails
  • More intuitive interface
  • Uses less memory and processes the images faster
  • Comes with a HOW-TO manual
  • And many more..

If you still have doubts, you can download the fully working 10-days trial version and check this features out!