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To determine which products made the final cut, we looked at how users rated each solution's: A solution can make the Reviewers' Choice top five in all three categories, or just one or two.  Ctrack has been established in the telematics market for 30 years and offers the widest range of solutions available in the UK telematics market place. And finally, visit Risk Director, our free online service which provides risk management advice and further details on courses offered by RoSPA. Defaqto is an independent, financial research company that specialises in rating, comparing and analysing financial products. You will be asked to provide: -  Your name, driver’s name, your vehicle details-  Details of the incident and where it happened-  Details of anyone else involved in the incident, including vehicle registration number and contact details-  Details of anyone who was injured in the incident-  If the police attended the incident, their details and any crime reference number  What happens next? If your car can be repaired and you choose to use one of our approved repairers, we will provide a full accident recovery and repair service including: -  A small category A car or a van being below 3500 Kilograms Gross Weight where your vehicle is a private car or commercial vehicle    (up to 3500 Kilograms Gross Weight)-  Free collection and delivery of your vehicle-  A life-time guarantee on the repair or 5 years from the date you transfer ownership-  We pay the repair bill. No Claims Discount (NCD) history Details of your no claims discount will help lower the price you are quoted. Goods in transit insurancewill provide cover for anything being delivered to customers, and tools insurancemeans you’re covered if your tools are stolen

That may be true, but Driver Power respondents rank it only mid-table, awarding the brand its lowest scores for value and ease of purchase. For more of our Business Insurance Frequently Asked Questions click here. Delivering telematics, journey management and proof of delivery solutions, Microlise products help fleet managers to deliver the very best customer experience by providing real-time visibility of vehicles against schedule. Car insurance NI premiums can vary between brokers, as they can charge different fees on top of the original insurance price - so it is worth shopping around to make sure that you don’t pay too much for the cover that you need. Social Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) Social Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) - Excluding commuting to and from work. • Cheapest cars to insure Equally impressive is the fact that nearly a third of drivers managed to get between 11 and 20 per cent reduced from their policy. To qualify, appoint us as your broker at renewal on your existing policy, subject to us being able to deal with your existing insurer. You could get a discount when you insure your car with us for the first time, and on subsequent renewals if you remain an AA Member

"There are lots of things a fleet can do to manage a claims bill, even with the claims they have. "What's more, the growing number of dedicated car-sharing websites are making offering and finding lifts easier than ever.  The facts will determine the level of coverage and type of coverage needed, thus ensuring the business is only paying for coverage that it requires

It covers the compensation of all material and bodily damage caused to third parties in the common language of victims (pedestrian, passenger, another vehicle). If you require more than 4 drivers or more than 5 vehicles please fill in the form below & contact us with additional information on 01279 429024 FAMILY FLEET WILL USUALLY ONLY REDUCED PREMIUMS IF NUMBER OF VEHICLES IS GREATER THAN NUMBER OF DRIVERS ALSO IF ALL VEHICLES ARE VALUED UNDER £30,000 WE CAN ONLY QUOTE FOR 4 VEHICLES OR MORE If this is the case please CLICK HERE for our normal quote forms } ? Compare family fleet insurance with Quotezone.co.uk When it comes to choosing a car, being able to travel around together could be an important consideration for some. No one wants to pay over the odds for business car insurance but it is also important to remember that the cheapest policy is not always the best. To crunch the numbers on what this will cost them there are a couple of important figures.Firstly, the value, which is the price of the car excluding road tax and first registration fee and is used to calculate company car tax. Plus, you get a discount for insuring multiple cars. Establishing a Fleet policy makes pure economic sense Below we try to highlight what policy types/terms will help minimise your risk and overall costs What is Motor Fleet Insurance? Fleet insurance effectively enables you the client, to economise on the price paid by offering the Insurance Company more vehicles to cover – in effect a discount for size. You can check your windscreen replacement excess when you get a quote online. We can’t promise to have quotes from every single insurer, because some companies don’t want to be included on comparison websites

For a competitive quotation from the leading fleet insurance broker, please call us on 01625 348789. This is especially important if you have a number of employees. The quantity and type of vehicles will all play a factor in the amount of money you can save, however getting a fleet insurance policy is typically cheaper than purchasing several individual insurance policies

Your car insurance also protects you if your car is stolen or vandalised. The core of our fleet management product focuses on the maintenance of a vehicle – its servicing, MOT and tyre replacement – however we can also assist with the entire process from vehicle procurement, in life events and management through to vehicle disposal.    Fleet Management - Vehicle Tracking Systems Combining advanced, real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, our Ctrack MaXx fleet management software is one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages available in the marketplace. As we tailor our offering to fit your requirements, the insurance solution we provide is bespoke to your business. 121849 © Allianz Insurance plc 2017. Test drives are not covered

Family Fleet Car Insurance quotes are quick and easy with BP Insurance Brokers Arranging cheap Family Fleet Car Insurance doesn't have to be difficult. How can a young driver reduce their car insurance premiums?  Insurance can be expensive for young drivers so we have put together some tips on how to reduce car insurance costs. For many people, they are treasured possessions that reflect a sense of style and demonstrate a passion for the finer things in life. Breakdown and Recovery Option 1 on CVM Driverline This service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is provided by the AA

Best. Driving your car for work – how it affects your insurance Driving to and from work isn’t the same as driving for work. Special Coverage and Optional Extras There are two types of special coverage for motor fleets: some types are applicable to motor fleets in any business, while others are applicable only to certain types of businesses. We’ve been involved in fleet management for more than 30 years now, helping businesses like yours to reduce their fleet running costs while enjoying many other operational, financial and environmental benefits

An experienced broker, we can offer you the best insurance policies, regardless of your fleet size. We can provide cover for anything more than 3 vehicles, including private cars, commercial vehicles or a mixture of both. There are 3 ways of handling VAT if you use the vehicle for both business and private purposes. Detailed management information will be provided by your claims liaison manager which will include a full analysis of driver and accident causes. If they’re used only for business, you can also reclaim VAT on: Fuel costs There are different ways of reclaiming VAT on fuel, if you don’t pay a fixed rate under the Flat Rate Scheme

Financial Services Register No. Review your risk management strategy… If your current insurer hasn't asked the following questions, it's almost certain you can save money - either by implementing changes or making sure your insurer knows what you already do: If you haven't implemented risk management plans, this could be a good time - we can help you. In the case of taxi, limo or car fleets, the client is the cargo

Cover can be provided for virtually any type of vehicle, including classic, American and performance cars, as well as motorcycles, motorhomes and even your commercial vehicles if required. "Also, employers should talk to workers about the necessity of having the correct level of cover before they undertake any business journeys in a private car." Insurance implications of lift sharing Car sharing is a popular way to combat the ever-rising price of commuting, but drivers shouldn't automatically assume they have appropriate insurance cover. Nick says: “If a business owner has a fleet of four or five vehicles, there are some simple smartphone apps that can tell them where their vehicles are at any time of day and how they are being driven – including data on speed, braking and cornering. You’ll typically find that the more convenience you opt for in a fleet policy, the more expensive it is. Not only does the system enable companies to better manage their fleet operations through improved visibility and control, but it also unlocks valuable business knowledge that can be utilised to implement further cost-effective measures. What is a tracking device? The police can track a stolen car with an electronic signal sent by this bit of kit hidden in the car. If your reader goes to the HMRC website there is not only a lot of valuable information about the implications of using a company car at hmrc.gov.uk/cars but also a very useful calculator at hmrc.gov.uk/calcs/carswhich will work out what the eligibility for tax will be, given that the company car will also be used for private purposes and regarded as a ‘benefit in kind’

You can add a TAV from 1 day to 4 weeks, and a cover note will be issued. What are the hidden charges? If you increase your vehicle excess to a higher amount you can reduce the cost of your fleet van insurance. Named drivers The names and licence details of anyone who will be driving your car need to be provided. Some of the most popular include: Business insurance classes Taking out business car insurance is a bit more complex than taking out standard car insurance, as there are three different classes of cover and you'll need to decide which one fits your circumstances best. Commercial Car Insurance It is worth noting that business car insurance of any class will not cover you for commercial use of your vehicle. If you do make a claim, your discount will normally be less at the next renewal if your insurance company cannot get their money back from the person responsible. Provided all the right information is put in then the tax liability will be accurately calculated. With our tailored business insurance, you'll have access to flexible commercial insurance products so you can build the level of cover that's right for your business and protect what's most important to you.   Our products range from specialist cyber and data risk insurance to protect you from digital threats, to cover against costly legal action

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