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So whether you're exploring a new part of the UK with your family, or you're simply acting as 'taxi', keep these tips in mind: Picking a car: Remember the practicalities: high value car insurance Whether you have a high-performance sports car or a carefully-maintained classic, exceptional vehicles require specialist car insurance to ensure that they are financially protected should anything happen. What sorts of the vehicle can go on motor fleet insurance? While there will be a few insurance companies who have some expertise in zones, for example, van fleet or taxi fleet cover, most suppliers are adaptable in the kind of vehicles that they’re ready to incorporate a fleet approach. Explore how driver monitoring improves driver performance » Safety and Security The geolocating capability of GPS fleet tracking can protect drivers against harm. Key description Provides tailored solutions to meet your clients’ individual needs. If you have other drivers who won’t be covered by our open drive, naming them on the policy is simple too. However, it is down to you to make sure. Our trackers are an efficient and affordable choice

"Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that, irrespective of its owner, vehicles used on company business are safe to use - this includes being fully insured for business usage. A wide selection of insurance covers are available, all designed to meet the needs of a commercial fleet operator. This value of the car is reduced if: If your employer pays for fuel you use for personal journeys, you’ll pay tax on this separately

What We Offer From as little as 2 vehicles, to over 600 vehicles, Fleetcover has the experience you need to successfully administer your Fleet insurance and provide you with the timely advice you need. Our comprehensive car insurance has been awarded a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto so you can be sure you’re getting a great policy with cover designed for today’s busy lifestyle. There are always pressures which seem to push against you. However, we can make sure that there are no claims on your claims experience that shouldn’t be there.  The system appears to be very user-friendly

Commercial Car Insurance It is worth noting that business car insurance of any class will not cover you for commercial use of your vehicle.  This would entail a lower total value earning a higher discount. A group of cars used by the same family could be included on a family fleet insurance policy. They don’t have to organise selling their car at any stage, and all the responsibility and control remains with the employer. It is actually more common for companies to be over-insured for their vehicle fleets than under-insured, so it might be that the amount you are paying for insurance exceeds the costs that could be manageably covered by internal budgets in the case of an accident. You must have a minimum of 2 vehicles to qualify for a fleet insurance quote

They thought the incident was so small as to not be bothered. Need to find a broker? Find one that's right for your business with our broker search facility * Motor Fleet is designed to give businesses with 15+ vehicles total protection and control over their associated operations all under one policy with additional covers as required. As specialists in taxi fleet insurance we will advise you on the right policy to insure both you and your passengers. The business insurance companies we work with are FCA regulated, to give you peace of mind Quotezone and our partner insurance companies are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Plant and Tool Cover – If you have hired or your own plant machinery and tools in your vehicles, these too can be covered at an additional cost to help cover the cost of repair or replacement if they are damaged or stolen

Keith Michaels offer a range of car insurance for company car drivers to ensure the best cover can be acquired.  We supply insurance for company cars and drivers that cover vehicles including cars, vans and trucks. Types of fleet insurance policies Third party only fleet insurance (TPO) Third party only is the minimum level insurance required by law for drivers in the UK. Electronically capturing data and automating the reporting processes can effectively streamline the management of individual department budgets and cost centres. Furthermore, some families have found that investing in a family fleet insurance policy has saved them money, so it’s always a good idea to check if it can for you too! At QuoteSearcher, our partners provide family fleet insurance policies that cover a wide range of vehicles, so whether it’s cars, bikes, 4x4s or even minibuses, you can find a policy that is right for you. Please note that because you have Javascript disabled, the menu and other features on this site may be unusable

Just make sure you read the small print carefully to find out about the no claims bonus. In this way the directors can reduce the risk of being prosecuted and a possible custodial sentence. If you own vans, you can get your drivers to do the SAFED Van Driving Course which is acknowledged by insurers and you will be able charged less as a result. As a business that has a fleet of motor vehicles such as van, car, truck for daily operations and activities, you need to ensure that all of the vehicles in your motor fleet are adequately covered with the right level of cover. "Risks with high frequency of claims and higher claims costs will always pay higher insurance premiums," is the view of RSA's Lorna Curran, who says that a risk management policy may not make an immediate difference but firms will reap the benefits in years to come as their premiums fall along with their accident rate. What are the hidden charges? If you increase your vehicle excess to a higher amount you can reduce the cost of your fleet van insurance. However, the halo slips somewhat if you subsequently need to ring up to make a claim, with the telephone experience ranked a low 27th. The nature of fleet vehicles and employees working remotely has brought a set of its own problems

Additional Driver Proposal Form Taxi Fleet Insurance 101 Having a dedicated team of people ferrying customers around all day whilst remaining efficient takes a great deal of energy.  As a business owner you need the best taxi fleet insurance at a value for money price but one that certainly does not compromise on cover. It may be that your reader has been offered a car allowance as an option. While the rest of the policies allowed lift sharing it was sometimes subject to certain conditions, such as your vehicle not carrying more than eight passengers and/or you not being able to make a profit out of the arrangement. A haulage company will charge for delivering goods, just as a taxi company will charge for transporting paying passengers. And finally, visit Risk Director, our free online service which provides risk management advice and further details on courses offered by RoSPA. No matter what type of business you run, be it Sales, Haulage Distribution or Service, for example. Find the right policy for your taxi There are two types of taxi insurance policy: You must specify the type of taxi you use when you apply for a quote. Fleet management case studies At Total Motion we assist businesses of all sizes and in all industry sectors to reduce their costs and improve their fleet management

Choose the right level of cover There are three levels of car insurance cover you can choose from in the UK: Here is what each level protects you against, and how to choose which is right for you. You can receive quality cover at the most cost effective prices, whilst maintaining a single point of contact for your entire fleet. Vehicle Tracking Systems are one such layer and are described by the NICB as “very effective” in helping police recover stolen vehicles

These include: Here is a full list of the car insurance extras that could be worth adding to your policy. Here are a few case study examples of the ways in which we’ve been able to help our customers: As an FN50 Company Total Motion Vehicle & Fleet Management, we pride ourselves on our case studies as each reflects the potential savings and benefits we can provide to any company who require vehicle management. You’re also required to declare any modifications you’ve made. The panel of insurers includes Ageas Insurance Limited, AXA, AXA (Bolton), Covea Insurance, Lima Agency Ltd, LV, NIG, Zenith Marque, Zurich. Get in touch today to talk to our expert advisors and find the right quote for your fleet van insurance. Tips for Maintaining a Safe Fleet of Vehicles Accidents happen, even to the best drivers. You can also fill in our online quote request form and one of our expert team will find you a highly competitive quote

Subscribe Do you own a business that uses “company” vehicles? From shipping companies employing a fleet of semis; to landscapers, house painters, pest control, and appliance repair companies with a dozen light trucks and trailers; to companies that retain just a handful of company cars for a sales force; if your company owns vehicles that may be driven by multiple employees, you need the protection of commercial auto insurance. Our flexible underwriting approach combined with excellent locally based service means we can look after your Fleet insurance needs, large or small. Our Maintenance service ensures your vehicles get the right attention at the right time at the right price. Common fleet software functionality includes: What Type of Buyer Are You? There are many different types of buyers who seek fleet management systems—ranging from long haul shippers, to local delivery fleets, to healthcare transportation services, to heavy machinery movers and public services fleets (e.g., law enforcement, public transportation, city utilities or waste management)

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