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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The key features of this family fleet insurance policy include: As independent insurance brokers, we have access to a range of insurers who provide high value and high net worth insurance and we believe this family fleet policy offers the most comprehensive cover on the market. What does business car insurance cover? Basically, business car insurance is an insurance policy that covers your vehicle for business use. Some of the functions are disabled on the demo but normally you can have full control of the trackers from this interface and get a full history of any tracker location with full speed and location data

Coversure Fleet Insurance Cover Coversure can offer you a range of fleet insurance policies from a wide variety of leading insurers. Not all comparison sites are created equal.  If the individual motor vehicle is entitled to a no claims bonus, then this may be actually a cheaper option to a motor fleet insurance. So here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you may need to know about using your car for work. What number of vehicles is considered as the fleet? The meaning of a fleet will vary from one insurance company to another and some will set a minimum and maximum size

 Having, some insurers may offer third party insurance for vehicles that are not much used within the business such as construction vehicles. For example, if you have comprehensive insurance, your trailer will also be covered on a comprehensive basis, which includes accidental damage, fire and theft. If you are involved in a crash while driving for business purposes you will not receive the compensation you deserve unless you have the appropriate cover. Goldcrest Insurance use a wide range of insurers which specialise in mini fleet insurance, we will explore the market and find you a tailored competitive quote suited for your business which we guarantee will save you money. Thanks to our easy-to-use quote form, you can buy online in minutes, feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re covered for the risks, liabilities and incidents that are part of everyday business life. There are a range of cover levels available including protection for high-value goods, such as wines, spirits and electrical items. Be cautious though as doing this could leave you forking out more overall in the event of a claim. Find Out More 0333 999 08020800 042 0401 Fleet Insurance Fleet insurance allows you cover multiple cars, bikes and vans under the same policy and make a big saving when you do

During the eight years prior to forming US Fleet Tracking, our team concentrated exclusively on live tracking systems for 911 dispatch, law enforcement and ambulance services. The typical cost for a simple accident as described above would be as follows: Were all matters reported to insurers immediately, the impact on this cost would be as follows: The total achieved by the insurer as a result of being advised of the accident on the day of the loss as opposed to 30 days late is: If this were to happen multiple times a year on our company’s policy, the costs would soon mount up. If you are not sure whether your current broker handles your claims in house, have a look at your claims experience. Sign-up and get a FREE HGV Collision and Journey Recorder We are pleased to announce our new innovative coach collision and journey recorder. Business use only covers the main policy holder

Small vehicle fleet insurance is designed to suit the smaller business which doesn’t have a requirement for large scale fleet insurance, yet needs more than regular car insurance to be fully protected. A-Plan will listen to your needs and search a panel of insurers to find you the best deal. Freight brokers and forwarders. Types or Class of Vehicle Insurance Cover Unfortunately not all Insurance companies use the same terminology, which can make the checking of employees cover both complex and a chore. At Mercury Insurance we understand ensuring you have the right fleet insurance cover is critical. You can reclaim all the VAT on fuel if your vehicle is used only for business. This is often used to quickly respond on events in the field

Tracker – We have partnered with TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd, to offer a range of discounted products which help minimise your exposure to fleet risk both operationally and financially. “However, training can be very valuable when employees are being asked to drive vehicles they are unfamiliar with. Do this in good time before renewal date as it can take a few days to come through. If your insurer is paying out more than this, your premium will generally increase as a result. We have no right to keep our clients, and can only earn their loyalty by giving them value, excellent service and claims-handling, and most importantly, timely advice on their Fleet insurance and premium costings

In actual fact, fleet cover is a form of multi-vehicle insurance that can be taken out by any business with two or more vehicles. If cashflow is an issue when it comes to settling the insurance bill, don't forget that many insurance companies will offer interest-free or low-interest instalments across 10 or 12 months which can help to spread the cost. If so, you will almost certainly need business car insurance

Satellite tracking communications, while more expensive, are critical if vehicle tracking is to work in remote environments without interruption. If you'd like to know more about our flexible payment options for fleet cover then please contact your local Coversure office by clicking here. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. This approach has proven and tangible results for our customers, all of whom have benefited in substantial year on year premium savings

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